Welfare system school of Japan

The following content is the last contents of a typical Japanese school. Such necessary expenses will vary from school.
Be sure to check the student application guidelines of welfare course of school you want to attend.
Check the "Preparatory Course Student Application Guidelines" of the Japanese school that you want always.

If you want to get to the profession of your Japanese welfare relationship, you need to get the qualification to study about the welfare of Japan.
In order to acquire a solid knowledge to help in practice, it is recommended that you attend to the welfare system of the school.

Years required for graduation two years
Entrance to school time April
Example of the qualification that I can acquire
  • Care worker (national qualification)
  • Member of social welfare director appointment qualification (public welfare labor authorization qualification)
  • first aid law first aid (Japanese cross company)
  • Recreation instructor (association of fortune Japan recreation)
The title which I can acquire Specialized person (course specialized in education, social welfare)

Flow from application to admission

The basic flow is as follows, but for the interview and cost I will vary for each school.

  1. 1.The delivery of application, application charges
    The guarantor who is in Japan visits a school and submits application documents. After having paid application charges (approximately 10,000 yen) in a bank, an admission ticket to an examination is distributed.
  2. 2. Paper screening
  3. 3.Interview
    The interview of the guarantor is carried out in Japan (Tokyo).
  4. 4.I announce the pass
    I mail the result of the results to a guarantor.
  5. 5. Entrance fee transfer
    By a designation date, I transfer (approximately 480,000 yen) to the designated bank account in earlier period of school expenses, miscellaneous expenses.
  6. 6. Application of the residence status authorization certificate
    In the middle of December, a school performs the substitute application of "the residence status authorization certificate" to the Immigration Bureau.
  7. 7. Grant of the residence status authorization certificate
    After "a residence status authorization certificate" went down in the beginning of February, I mail it to a guarantor with "an entrance to school authorization" from a school.
  8. 8. Visa application in the Japanese Embassy
    I bring "a residence status authorization certificate" and "an entrance to school authorization", and an examinee applies to local Japanese Embassy or the consulate (in Hong Kong association of interchange) for a visa.
  9. 9. Visit to Japan, entrance to school procedure
    I acquire a visa and visit Japan and I enter it at school by March 29 and file.

Entrance qualification

Generally, people such as the following are permitted to study in welfare system school.

※ The following persons are not allowed application It is illegal stay history of the past in Japan (relatives included) In application of the Certificate of Eligibility in the past, there is a non-issue history

Guarantor is what people

  • The person who can take responsibility for instruction such as life, study from the entrance to school of the examinee to special course completion 20 years old or older.
  • The person who can visit a shore depending on the "guarantor interview" others.
  • It does not matter to the nationality (by the address of the school, a residential area may be appointed).

Test of the type and schedule

The following is only an example.
Please check the application guidelines of each school for more information.

Oral examination

Select a good schedule convenient, please put the phone book to school. On the day you can always submit a AO admissions Gan application form.

AO entrance examination of announcement

After offer letter ... interview the end, I will be notified in writing the examination results in the same day. who offer letter arrives, you will be submitted by the date specified the application documents as the present application. Acceptance notification ... I will be sent to the given announcement date.

※ It is not possible to respond to inquiries of acceptance of the phone.

Screening method

  1. 1. entry
    First of all I will contact the school. After adjusting the interview schedule, please submit the AO application form.
  2. 2. to interview the day, let's clarify the vision against of your care.
  3. 3. Applicants
    After issuing the offer letter, I submit the application the following documents before the specified date.
  4. 4. admission procedure
    After acceptance letter, you must Makere pay the tuition within one week.

Documents required when you take the exam

Respectively Candidates-guarantor people, sponsor different documents to be submitted.
It is generally made in the following manner, the following is only an example.

Examples of documents that require candidates

Documents to be submitted Paper is specified in the school Notes
1. Entrance to school application The person writes it in Japanese. (vicarious writing impossibility)
2.Certificate   I return The back, but, please keep the original in Japan until a residence status authorization certificate is issued.
3.Transcript   The transcript every each school year of the last alma mater.
When English is not included, "the English learning career certificate" is necessary.
4. documents to prove the Japanese ability and materials   The pass letter of advice of the Japanese ability examination and the results original, a copy are necessary for the passer who is higher than ability for Japanese examination (JLPT)N2( old second grade).
The person except the above, please submit the following documents.
・As a result of public examinations such as Japanese studying abroad examination (EJU), J.TEST, practical use Japanese official approval, a day word NAT examination
・Japanese learning certificates more than six months by the Japanese educational institution (learning period in
※The case with a history of studying abroad, the attendance at school in Japan comes to need attendance, a transcript modifying it.
5. health certificate Please receive chest X-ray check by all means.
6. ID photo six   A color photo, size 4cm in height X 3cm in width, the thing which is all the same which I photographed recently within three months.
I write nationality, a full name on the back side. Please put one of six pieces on "the entrance to school application".
7. Copy of passport   Only as for the passport holder. The one having a passport more than two copies all passports, and, please submit it.
8. The current identification   A holding the post certificate, a student registration certificate.
The Japanese resident, please submit a registration original slip items mentioned certificate.

Instructions (authority of examinee, guarantor, expense payment all of you) when I fill it out

  • The presentation documents submit all the thing within six months, the original other than a paper.
  • The proof documents are limited to the thing which they published all for "less than three months".
  • Including "an application ," I write it exactly so that all documents do not have an omission of entry.
    When "there is no it ," I fill it out without an entry or pull slanted line "/".
  • I write an address, the location of the school to the room number of address and the apartment exactly.
  • The person or a person of expense payment writes the application documents by handwriting.
    Because it is unusable, whiteout, the correction tape recommends that I fill it out with a pen after drafting it with a pencil.
  • When it is not written in Japanese, you must attach all Japanese translation.
  • Because I am not considered to be it basically, as for the return of documents, it is necessary to report at the time of an application when I hope.
  • Please do not add explanation, comment to the presentation documents original.
    When you are necessary, please list it in an attached sheet.
  • The proof documents of the school and each engine and group publication including the company, please use "Letter Head" (the exclusive paper which the name of the group, an address, a phone number, Fax number, an e-mail address are printed on) by all means.
  • when an expense burden person resident in Japan serves as "a guarantor", please submit only one copy of repeating document.

※There is a false mention to the application documents, and it becomes "failure" when contents have contradiction. When a false report becomes clear after entrance to school, I make "disposal" (withdrawal from school).

Examples of documents that Guarantor

Documents to be submitted Paper is specified in the school Notes
1. Letter of Guarantee A guarantor writes it by handwriting. (vicarious writing impossibility)
2. tenure certificate In the case of A student, "a student registration certificate" is necessary.
3. resident card   In the case of A foreigner, "a registration original slip items mentioned certificate" is necessary.


Documents to be submitted Paper is specified in the school Notes
1. Financial Support Form
2. tenure certificate   Please submit either document of following a - c.
a ) holding the post certificate (when I work in the companies)
b ) corporation register certified copy (in the case of the officers such as companies)
c ) business authorization (in the case of a personal manager)
3. Income certificate and tax certificate   The income certificate which contained an income amount of money for the past one year and the taxation certificate (when an examinee has China, Myanmar Bangladesh Mongolia Vietnam Sri Lanka Nepal nationality for the past three years) withholding slip are impossible.
When an examinee is the same as an expense payment book, in the case of a Japanese resident, Please submit an income certificate for the past one year or a balance certificate.
4. certificate of deposit balance   When an examinee has China, Myanmar Bangladesh Mongolia Vietnam Sri Lanka Nepal nationality, Please attach the copy of bank book for the past three years.
5. Proof of the relationship between the applicant   The copies of a person's family register (as for the Japanese resident a resident's card, a registration original slip items mentioned certificate) of "all the households."
I make it, and, in the case of far-off relative relations, Please submit the proof and family tree (proof of the family constitution).
Korea "(the family nurturer) family-related registration certificate" and" (the person) basic certificate." Kinsmanship notarization is necessary for China.

Visa that can be obtained for the admission procedure and study abroad

Visa that can be obtained for the admission procedure and study abroad Please visit for more information on visa also this page.

Status of residence which is obtained by admission is "College Student". After passing, the flow of the acquisition procedures and admission procedure of visa status is as follows. However, it is only an example.

Amount of money required to enroll

The following is only becomes one cases.

1 year

Enrollment fee Facility expenses Tuition Training costs
\ 100,000 \ 60,000 \ 500,000 \ 60,000
Maintenance costs Student miscellaneous expenses Total
\ 50,000 \ 30,000 \ 800,000

2 year

Enrollment fee Facility expenses Tuition Training costs
\ 0 \ 60,000 \ 500,000 \ 60,000
Maintenance costs Student miscellaneous expenses Total
\ 50,000 \ 30,000 \ 700,000
  • ※ Please pay a "membership fee companionship" ¥ 15,000 with tuition of one annual in addition to the above. In addition, textbooks and teaching materials costs are separate receive payment.
  • ※ tuition and practical training expenses and miscellaneous expenses (maintenance costs), miscellaneous expenses (student miscellaneous expenses) is, I can split payment in the previous fiscal year-late.
  • ※ student miscellaneous expenses, the emergency measures costs, book expenses, extracurricular activities expenses, will be devoted to the cost and aid, such as.

Delivery time and refund

I transfer whether you deliver it to the secretariat of each school directly to the appointed bank account.
As for each expense, the date of payment is appointed by a school.
Please be careful when you do not deliver it by a date because it may be removed from a register.


Delivered expenses are not refunded in principle in school of any place.
Even if the selection charges have any reason (even as for the natural disasters), it is not refunded.

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