Application of apartments and condominiums, student union

  1. 1.For the tenants of the apartment Mansion Student Union, etc. to introduce, rental agreement is assumed to connecting between the contractor and its school.
  2. 2.When published properties can not be introduced, you may want to introduce a property of similar conditions.
  3. 3.If there is a change of desired properties of the change-Japan of change, Tokyo date, please contact immediately the school. Even temporary contract, in the case of contract discard may penalty occurs.
  4. 4.If you want to leave before the expiration of the contract, you may prepayment of rent is not refundable.
  5. 5.If you are leaving a damage to the rental property, the compensation obligation occurs.
  6. 6.Rent is a condition that only subscribers himself live. You can not arbitrarily to Sumawaseru friends like.
  7. 7.In the home country and Japan, have different contracts and conventions of real estate leasing. Please under contract until you have fully understood the lease conditions.

※ For application such as apartments and condominiums, student union, please contact us to school.

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