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What is Industrial Training Program?
 In modern age Japan has found itself an important role as a country of technology among international society. Industrial Training Program exists to accomplish it’s purpose which is to contribute to the economic development of the developing countries by accepting trainees as part of multilateral economic partnership and technological support that is to share Japanese technology, skills, and knowledge with them. There are 111 works in 61 types of job acceptable to all over the country.

 Also there is Technical Internship Program which enables trainees to sign the employment contracts with the companies and continue learning the technology and skills after they finished the trainings if they meet the requirements including satisfactory result of the assessment which is conducted after a period of training time.

 Student as College Student
 Worker (relevant labour law applicable)  Training allowance (Living expenses)
 Same salary (payment in consideration of work) as Japanese
Over-time work/holiday work
 Allowed (within the Labour Standard Law)
Non-practical training
 Depending on the necessity
Status of residence
 Designated activity  Comprehensive Insurance for Foreign Trainees
 Work・Social Insurance or Comprehensive Insurance for Foreign Interns.
 Various types of synergy such as social and international contribution of the company, the energetic workplace, increased productivity, and employee education by international exchange can be expected. These are the merits which a company can have as a result of accepting talented young trainees from Asia who have strong interest in Japanese industry and, therefore, are eager to learn skills and technology.

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